Matar Cohen 

Facebook Business 


Full Screen digital platform for Interactive ads

Canvas (now called Facebook Instant Experience) is Facebook Business feature for full screen interactive ads, which was explored in this project.

THE HACKATHON: Facebook invited top creative agencies around the world to be the first to test and hack the Canvas experience by creating a demo project, exploring the Canvas potential for an existing client and presenting it to Facebook executives. CHOSEN BRAND: E! Channal, Red Carpet. THE PROBLEM: Standard E! Red Carpet interviews broadcast comes across superficial and outdated. INSIGHT: E! should provide more than just the glitz and glamour, it should access the real human stories that make celebrities fascinating and inspiring, both on and off the red carpet. SOLUTION: Instead of a standard Facebook Ad, we created the E! Road to the Red Carpet, a content series that focuses on the human journey that led celebreties to the moment they step on the red carpet. While using the interactive features of the Canvas platform, each episdoe is a mini-documentary that engage and inspire.