Matar Cohen 



Office Kinect | A physical-digital platform for the future of work

THE ASK: How can Microsoft lead the future of work? INSIGHT: In a digitized world with endless choices, what really makes people happy while working is creating meaningful work. One aspect of meaningful work is being part of a community of people that support and inspire one another. That inspiration best manifests spontaneity. SOLUTION: Help create meaningful work by connecting people and encouraging spontaneous conversations.

OFFICE KINECT: We created a physical device that can be placed on a table, records and analyzes conversations based on voice, face and image recognition. The device connects to a Surface app that visualize conversations and analyze them by topics, projects, files, people and actions. Anyone that is part of the system could go back in time and dig for specific topics or moments from the conversation. The platform also suggests relevant connections to materials and people who were not part of the conversation.

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Research sketches