Matar Cohen 



A Social Good Project to #Giveashit:
An app, a website, an influencer campaign, and a shit show.

THE PROBLEM: Who cares about world toilet day? The world is facing a global sanitation crisis: 1 of 3 people in the world don't have access to a toilet. THE BRIEF: Help WaterAid America raise awareness to this crisis. INSIGHT: It's uncomfortable to talk about poop, but the world loves the poop emoji. SOLUTION: Ask the world to #giveashit about world sanitation by hijacking a pop culture icon, the poop emoji.

ENCOURAGE: We started with an app that let everyone create their own poop emojis, share, raise awarness and donate.

COLLABORATE & ENGAGE: We partnered with creators and influencers and supplied them with personalized poops to share with the world. 

INSPIRE & CELEBRATE: We transformed a NYC art gallery into a Shit Show- featuring work from 30 artists, creating a conversation around the topic. 

RESULTS: We achieved global awarness for WaterAid and World Toilet Day; 4469 participants, 14.5 Million social media impressions, 237 million press views, and thousdands of unique poops. We also had a shitloads of fun.

Partners: Joystick