Matar Cohen 



Branding | Business Cards Design

THE BRIEF: Since YouTube is owned by Google, their business card system designed to accommodate everyone across the board. Susan Wojcicki, YouTube's CEO, and other executives needed more personalized cards that will be cohesive with the simplicity of the brand but will showcase more individuality. 

THE SOLUTION: I played with the clean graphic look of the brand with personalized images that reflect the card holder's passions, or their favorite YouTube video. In addition, borrowed visual elements from YouTube channels’ UI in order to keep the consistancy of the brand and create a personalized look.

Branding | Mission Deck Template Design

THE BRIEF: Once YouTube defined their new mission and values they needed to create a visual language that will showcase the content in a new way internally and externally.    
THE SOLUTION: I designed their mission deck while using key and simple elements from the brand, focusing on geometric shapes and visual references from their UI.